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Rosemead is not so bad!

When ever I get frustrated with local politics in Rosemead, I just need to look to places like Lynwood and decide that we actually have things pretty good.

BTW, Lynwood is not alone in its troubles.

Developers and Politicians

This story appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune recently. It suggested that contributions and meals might sway the decisions of city staff and politicians.

My initial reaction was to wonder where these stories were when Wal-Mart's consultant (Mike Lewis) was buying Councilmembers Taylor and Imperial drinks and appetizers every Wednesday evening at Denny’s for about two years. My second reaction was to think that there was something misleading about this story. For example, it notes that "The conditions for a fourth project, which is located on one parcel owned by Eric Lee and Bob Nguyen, was approved by the City Council after it was originally denied by the planning commission."

Rosemead High School Stadium Dedication

Below is the entire text of a story I just read off the sgvtribune.com web site:

ROSEMEAD - Rosemead High School will dedicate its football stadium to Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli, a former Rosemead football coach and graduate.

A scoreboard featuring Marinelli's name will be unveiled, along with a 14,000-pound boulder with a plaque.

The dedication will be at 6 p.m. at Rosemead High School, 9063 E. Mission Drive.

. . . And the Latest from Mike Lewis and Wal-Mart

There's a letter signed by Maggie Clark at this link below.  It appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune a few days ago.


Of course, based on what Maggie said at a recent city council meeting, we know that just because her name appears on a letter doesn't necessarily mean she's actually read it, never mind wrote it.

City Meetings Scheduled for Tuesday, June 12

It's budget time in Rosemead, so there's a whole slew of meetings (city council, Community Development, Housing Development) holding budget, study session, and regular meetings on Tuesday.  The study sessions start at 4pm and the regular meetings start at 6pm (CDC, Housing) and 7pm (regular city council).  The link below will take you to the link with all the agendas:


Direct Democracy in Montebello and West Covina

These two stories are from beyond Rosemead, but they may be of interest to those of us who were involved in our own adventures in direct democracy in Rosemead.

In Montebello, three city council members are being targeted for recall:


Also on the Agenda Tonight. . . .

The city council meets in special session this evening.  The agenda for the meeting is here:  http://www.cityofrosemead.org/Portals/0/CC%20-%206-6-07.pdf

In addition to the city manager's evaluation (which will occur in closed session), the city is also going to consider waiving the $3 fee for entering Rosemead Park on the Fourth of July.