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Victor Ruiz Campaign Kick-Off

Nice turnout at the kick-off for Victor's Campaign.  BOE member Judy Chu and 49th District Assemblyman Mike Eng both popped in to join in the festivities.  Rosemead Councilmembers John Nunez and John Tran were also there, as were Garvey School Board members Bob Bruesch, Henry Lo, and Felipe Agredano.  Rosemead Council candidate Polly Low and the usual suspects from SOC were also in attendance, to lend their enthusiasm to this launch.

30 Years of Progress, Imperial-Taylor Style

On my way to Victor Ruiz's campaign kick-off, I saw something that I think really sums up what this election is all about.

The first picture attached below is of the northeast corner of Valley and Temple City.  Basically, it's what people coming to Rosemead from the east would see upon crossing the city line:  A closed business, peppered with Imperial-Taylor signs.  Doesn't that really say what they're all about?  Under their thirty years of leadership, their legacy has been empty lots and shuttered businesses on what should be our main commercial drag.  Want more shuttered businesses?  Re-elect Imperial and Taylor.

The Frog and the Scorpion

This is probably my least-favorite fable, but I wonder if it might have some lessons with regard to Rosemead?


Candidates File for March City Council election


Monday was the deadline for candidates to file for the March 2007 city council elections.  Both Gary Taylor and Jay Imperial filed for reelection.  Polly Low and Victor Ruiz also filed, as has a fifth candidate.

BTW, Taylor was quoted as saying that he was running for reelection because "There's still unfinished issues that we have to complete as far as the Wal-Mart issue."

City Council Violated Brown Act


As reported in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune today, the county DA's office has advised the Rosemead City Council that its actions of last September (when it granted Wal-Mart its certificate of occupancy) was illegal.

No real surprise there--it was obvious to all who attended that the action was illegal.  It's just nice to have the county's top law enforcement officer confirm this fact.

Wal-Mart's Prescription Drug Scam

One of many recent newspaper articles that expose yet another example of Wal-Mart's "generousity" as mere PR:


Lord Waldemart

Harry Potter fans with fast internet connections might be amused by this one:


Potluck Picnic, Saturday, November 11, Noon, Rosemead Park

Title says it all.  Hope you can make it!