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Planning Commission Meeting, Monday, June 4, 2007 -- 7pm

The new planning commission holds its first working meeting on Monday.

You can download the agenda by going to the city's webpage, www.cityofrosemead.org

Then go to "Calendars and Meetings," then "Planning Commission Meetings," then clickon the Planning Commission meeting for June 4, then click on the Planning Commission Agenda link.

Special Rosemead City Council Meeting, Wednesday, 5pm

Wednesday, June 6 is the 63th Anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Nazi-occupied France.  It's also the day of a special Rosemead City Council meeting, set for 5pm.

The banner headline in this morning's (May 31) San Gabriel Valley Tribune says it's to "discuss the job performance of City Manager Andrew Lazzaretto."

Could be an interesting meeting.

The story can be read here: http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_6035132

Valley& Walnut Grove, Behind McDonald's?

Earth movers have graded the land behind McDondald's.  Bad news for the homeless guy and the cats that used to live there.  Anyone know what's coming in there?

Small Story, Buried on the Inside of Today's SGV Tribune


Don't know if it will actually be on the June 4 agenda, but it's something to keep an eye on!


(The quote from city manager Andy Lazaretto is also "interesting," to say the least.  I have to assume he was talking about something other than what it sounds like he's talking about, because it's got to be pretty impossible to claim that he hasn't heard about any complaints regarding Wal-Mart and the conditions of approval before).

We Still Like Mike!

Mike Eng's official website is:  http://democrats.assembly.ca.gov/members/a49/

A couple of Mike-related issues:

1. I don't know about you, but I've gotten a robo-call and several mailers from the casino Indians (Morongo, Agua Caliente, etc) trying to bully Mike and the state assembly into signing off on the governor's gaming compacts.  Bascially, they want permission to put in more machines without having to up the share of the winnings that would go to the state.  I, on the other hand, believe in sharing the wealth.  So, although we obviously don't have the pull of the big gaming tribes, why don't you visit Mike Eng's website and give some counter-weight to the casino bosses.  Tell him to vote NO on AB 266!

Recent Stories from the SGV Tribune

On how the Sheriff's Department failed to detain and prosecute a gang tagger:



And on Maggie Clark's irresponsible, distorting, Wal-Mart-paid-for mailer:



Wal-Mart's at it Again!

A number of people in Rosemead have recently received a "newsletter" from a group calling itself "Rosemead Partners."

Just as a reminder, when it says "Rosemead Partners," it's really from Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart and its sock puppets are continuing their unrelenting negative attacks on the city council members who are willing to stand in the way of their getting everything they want.

Next Rosemead City Council Meeting -- 8pm Tuesday, May 8

The agenda for that meeting has been posted on the city website.  A link is also provided below:


The new single-family residential design guidelines (We'll call this the "Anti-Ugly House Ordinance) is on first on the agenda.

The rest of the agenda is quite long, so I would expect this meeting is going to run pretty late.