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Discussion has cropped up about MTB. Here's a category for it.

Montebello Skatepark

I was looking up Montebello stuff, and found out there's a Montebello skatepark.

It reminded me of the old skatepark that was located next to the Pomona Freeway onramp off of Via Campo. It still hasn't been built on since the park was filled in with dirt.

Ron Calderon got Stung

Al Jazeera has a detailed description of what led up to the sting on Montebello area politician Ron Calderon.

FREE Housing Rights Workshop-Aug. 20th 2013

Attention Montebello Residents!

Do you have questions about housing discrimination, evictions, security deposits, repairs,
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August 20, 2013

Montebello Public Library
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La Merced Neighborhood, Montebello, website

Found this on a web search:

La Merced, Montebello.

It's a short, fun read.

A Culturally Proficient Society Begins in School: Leadership for Equity

This is going to sound like a promo, but this book, A Culturally Proficient Society Begins in School: Leadership for Equity, looks interesting. It's from three local leaders, all women, all Latina, who have been administrators in Whittier and Montebello schools. I hope to find some insight into the behind the scenes operations at local schools.

Propaganda War in Montebello

Tribune article about the status of plans to destroy the Montebello Hills.

Obesity Gap in Kids From Bell Gardens vs Manhattan Beach

I think this article is comparing apples and oranges. I don't think the growing obesity rate and trends are necessarily based on economics or race; otherwise, how does one explain the obesity rate among Caucasian families say in the middle American red states?

North Montebello Burglaries

Story in today's SGV Tribune. This is adjacent to portions of South San Gabriel and Rosemead.