El Monte News

Mainland Chinese Moving to El Monte

The LA Times recently had a story about Chinese moving into El Monte.

They didn't get into the specifics of which Chinese, but it's the Mainland Chinese, not the Taiwanese who flocked to Arcadia, or Hong Kongers in MPK.

Drastic Rent Increases in El Monte being Examined

This recent story on ABC about rent increases at Brookside Mobile Park raises the issue of mobile home rental law, which is different from regular rental law, and also different from homeowner law. If you or a relative is living in a mobile home park, it's wise to learn the laws regarding them.

La Historia Society

Whilst searching for some info about an orange strike in El Monte, I came across a site with a book about a berry strike in El Monte, and it was from this organization that is seeking to preserve the barrios history of El Monte.


Savannah Cemetery "Spirit Fest"

There's an arts and crafts show scheduled for this Saturday (Sep 29, 11am - 3pm) in the Moose Lodge parking lot (near the corner of Valley and Mission Blvds in Rosemead. That's adjacent to the historic Savannah Cemetery.

A tax on "sugared" drinks?


Might be coming to El Monte. Would be nice, since they left San Gabriel a few years ago for West Covina. WeCo is too far to drive, but I'd be willing to drive to El Monte.

Savannah Cemetery Gains State Historical Landmark Status

Savannah Memorial Park (Cemetery) became the first site in the city of Rosemead granted state Historical Landmark status. The State Historical Resources Commission voted on Friday to recommend this decision.