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Big Raise for Garvey School District Superintendent

Boosted from $148,500 to %170K. In addition, Superintendent Sandra Johnson receives $5100 for having a Ph.D., $5700 for "mileage," and perhaps $12,000 a year deposited into her retirement account.

Two views of the San Gabriel River

LA Times article on the mess that is the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, and a SGV Tribune blurb on a flyfishing outreach event on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. No link available for the little fly fishing blurb, though.

I just thought the juxtaposition of articles this morning was funny.

Savannah Cemetery Gains State Historical Landmark Status

Savannah Memorial Park (Cemetery) became the first site in the city of Rosemead granted state Historical Landmark status. The State Historical Resources Commission voted on Friday to recommend this decision.

Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Study Released

Short AP blurb on the Tribune website, although it suggests the area under study is a "wilderness."

The National Park Service newsletter describing the draft report is here.

Many, Many, Many Concerts in the Park

Tribune has a list of many free area concerts this summer. Elvis seems to be making a lot of local appearances.

Roger Hernandez Announces for Congress

Today's Tribune has Roger Hernandez running for the east San Gabriel Valley congressional seat that would probably be assigned to long-time Republican David Drier.

A COG in the wheel of the SGV

Oftentimes, the SGV Tribune does a little digging and reports some numbers. Usually, I get frustrated because I don't feel like they're digging deep enough to get the real answer. For example, I just read this article about the dues the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments charges its member cities. Yes, that's an interesting point.

The Bin Laden, The

The post's title is just a little Simpson's humor.

The other irreverent thing I was thinking over the last day was, "Yeah, Trump can be proud of the fact that he got President Obama to release his long form birth certificate, but Obama can be proud that he got Osama bin Laden to die."