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San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

The roof has literally caved in on the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

I'm glad our city chose to allow the fundraiser for them last year. However, with the roof cave in, they could use more money. Visit the SGVHS website to donate.

Recognizing we live in a desert

Today's LA Times has an article on the apparent contradiction between importing the vast majority of our water needs into southern California and the fact that we do not try to captures more of the water that DOES fall here.

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there is gambling going on in here!

I just couldn't resist the cheesy headline regarding gambling machines found in many area stores.

Municipal Election Candidates File

March 8 is election day in for Rosemead and Monterey Park city council seats.

The SGV Tribune posted a short article on candidates who have filed.

The list for Rosemead includes Councilwoman Polly Low, Planning Commissioner Bill Alarcon, and local activists R. Alejandro Gandara and Barbara Murphy.


There was a big banner hanging from the HOWS supermarket at Huntington and San Gabriel yesterday, announcing that the store was staying open forever. I had no idea what that sign was all about until I read today's Los Angeles Times.

Another Marijuana House

In my parents' generation, Asian gardeners were usually Nisei who took care of the yards of the wealthier white people in southern California. Now, Asian gardeners are gang members growing marijuana inside of houses. Progress?

Election Reforms

A whole slew of election-related "reforms" are going to be kicking in over the next two years. I'm pretty skeptical about whether the changes they will bring will be positive.

L.A. Times Political Analysis

There have been a number of interesting political stories in the LA Times recently. A few days ago, they reported that voters still want to have their cake and eat it too: They don't want to raise taxes, but don't want to cut any services, either.