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Redistricting Commission Coming to San Gabriel

This could be interesting, at least if you're a political junkie. The citizen's commission that will redraw the state's legislative boundaries for the 2012 elections will be in San Gabriel this Friday. The hearing is scheduled for 6-9 pm at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, previously known as the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium.

Slow to the Party

Last week the Tribune reported that health benefits to Alhambra City Council members totally nearly $100,000.

Slightly Cheaper Gas

I think this has been mentioned previously, but when ever gas prices are increasing, I suppose it bears repeating: The gas stations south of the Pomona Freeway on Peck Road tend to be somewhat cheaper than other gas stations in the area. I don't know why, but it's generally been true when ever prices are rising.

Healthy, But Failed Math

One sometimes-nice thing about Yahoo is that their home page links to stories that are sometimes interesting. Today, I learned that sitting is bad for your health.

Overly Generous Benefits for Electeds in Monterey Park

This story came out a few days ago. It's just the most recent of many stories that have recently come to light of long-time elected officials, feeding at the public trough. Sadly, although these particular electeds will have to pay some money back, the vast majority will get to keep their ill-gotten gains.

Reward Offered on Rosemead Hit-and-Run

$10,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible for the 10:40pm, January 31 fatal hit and run in the 3800 block of Walnut Grove. The SGV Tribune article is here. the vehicle has been described as a late-model minivan, possibly white, light grey, or silver.

Rosemead Results

No surprises in Rosemead. Polly Low was easily reelected. She polled the most votes in every precinct.

Bill Alarcon finished second, well ahead of Alejandro Gandara.

Party Endorsements -- Monterey Park

For Monterey Park's March 8 election, the L.A. County Democratic Party has endorsed Bob Gin, Hans Liang, and Anthony Wong. The County GOP has endorsed Joe Avila and Walter Sarnoi.

Sarnoi appears to be a boxer of some renown.