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Wal-Mart's Political Spending in Rosemead

At a recent SOC meeting, several members asked about the amount of money Wal-Mart spent in the last municipal election. The bottom line answer: A bit under $75,000

For the March 2005 municipal election, Walmart made $59,124 in independent expenditures on behalf of Alarcon, Vasquez, and Clark, plus $15,000 in contributions to Rosemead PRIDE.

To see for yourself go to:

Stargazing, 29 October 2005, Monrovia

On a mostly unrelated note:

In case anyone is interested, the Old Towne Astronomers will be setting up telescopes in Monrovia's Old Towne [Myrtle Avenue, near Lime, at Library Park] Saturday, October 29th, 9pm to midnight.

The Old Towne Astronomers are Jane and Morris "Mojo" Jones. Their home page is

This is not a political event. It's just a chance for anyone interested to pop by and see Mars in a telescope.

Letters to the Editor, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Who's writing the letters for the pro-Wal-Mart side? Maybe it's one person.