Overly Generous Benefits for Electeds in Monterey Park

This story came out a few days ago. It's just the most recent of many stories that have recently come to light of long-time elected officials, feeding at the public trough. Sadly, although these particular electeds will have to pay some money back, the vast majority will get to keep their ill-gotten gains. Once they've voted to give themselves these fat benefits, even if you catch them later, you usually can't make them give it back because pensions can't be modified "retroactively" and the statute of limitations of overly generous health benefits is just three years.

Of course, just because they can't be forced to give their benefits back doesn't mean voters shouldn't demand that their long-time incumbents pay the money back. Put some political pressure on them, and hold them accountable at the next election.

It's sad when so many long-time elected officials fleece the taxpayers, while the officials give themselves more generous benefits than the typical working people that are supposed to be their bosses.