New Verification Questions

We recently had a terrible flood of registrations from spammers, and just blew it on approving users, because so few of them are legit. To combat this, I changed the "CAPTCHA" feature for registering an account. We now ask some Rosemead-specific questions that should be pretty easy for any locals, and not too hard for anyone in the surrounding communities. You can look it up on the web.

They might be tough for someone from out of the area, or another country.

Here are the questions. Tell me if any of them are too hard.

On a compass, what direction do you go to get to El Monte from Rosemead?

What is the NUMBER of the freeway that runs through Rosemead, and is right by the mall on Rosemead Blvd.?

What is the ZIP CODE for Rosemead?

A local popular chain restaurant is In-N-Out _____. (What goes in the blank? 5 letters.)

The Rosemead High mascot is the Black _______. (What goes in the blank? 7 letters.)

Rosemead Demographics: if you're not Asian, you're probably _______. (Use any of the popular non-insulting terms.)

Rosemead Demographics: if you're not Hispanic or Latino, you're probably _______. (Use any of the popular non-insulting terms.)

There are three outlets of the old burger restaurant ___'s Burgers in Rosemead. On Garvey, on Valley, and on San Gabriel.

What's the Catholic church that's in SG, but covers the Rosemead area? St. ________'s. Fill in the blank.

San Gabriel High School

I'm pretty sure more Rosemead residents actually attended San Gabriel High School rather than Rosemead High School. I never knew that "Black" is part of the Rosemead mascot. Seems like that would be kinda controversial. I think the name of the freeway rather than the number would be more local and less not-locally known, although most of these questions, anyone could google.

10 freeway

The captcha module won't do multi-word answers, so I ended up using the number.

It's fine that people can google the answer. It's a minor barrier to entry that will discourage the companies that are paid to post links to blog comments.

Changing the Panther

I thought it was the Panthers, too, but verified and it said Black Panthers. But, yeah, don't want to ruffle feathers, so I'll change it to just Panthers.