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Big Bargain at Big Lots!

Twenty-five cents for a box of twelve (six 2-packs) gingerbread Pop-Tarts. There's a cart full of them near the cash register of the Big Lots in Alhambra (Valley, at Almansor).

Wal-Mart Annual Review

Last night the Rosemead Planning Commission held its annual review of Wal-Mart. It snuck up on me; since the store opened in late September, I assumed the review would be in late September instead of mid-August.

Sign me up!

The city of San Gabriel (like the city of Rosemead) is replacing its street signs to meet federal visibility standards. Turns out someone in San Gabriel came up with a nifty idea--They're going to sell off the old signs for $35 a pop.

Rosemead Youth Leadership Ccenter

Nice story in the Mid Valley News about the Rosemead Youth Leadership Center, which (among other things) provides an afterschool alternative for students in the Garvey School District.

Steve Scauzillo's World

If you read his recent editorial, you'd get the idea he favors increased housing density and a shift to more pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use, transit-oriented, environmentally sustainable developments.

Unpaid Internships: Good or Bad?

I've always been of two minds about unpaid internships. On the one hand, you get a chance to learn valuable skills that will, hopefully help you get a good job later in life. On the other hand, they're UNPAID.

More on "Soft Path"

Some time ago, I posted about the hard path v. soft path approach to environmentalism.

A new soft path project is moving forward at Cal Tech.

The Biggest Cheapstake

With postal rates scheduled to increase by another two cents at the end of the year, the story of a guy who bought 2000 "Forever" stamps a few years ago was more than a little amusing.