Slightly Cheaper Gas

I think this has been mentioned previously, but when ever gas prices are increasing, I suppose it bears repeating: The gas stations south of the Pomona Freeway on Peck Road tend to be somewhat cheaper than other gas stations in the area. I don't know why, but it's generally been true when ever prices are rising.

Yesterday, I filled up at the Shell station down there for $3.99 (because I have a Ralph's card and the points to take advantage of their ten cent per gallon discount). Even without a Ralph's card, it would have been $4.09/gallon. By comparison, the Shell station on San Gabriel Blvd and Marshall (across the street from St. Anthony's) was $4.17/gallon.

Obviously, it's not with while to drive out of your way to get this gas. But if you're already heading out or returning from that direction, and you're willing to risk some time waiting for an open pump, well, why not save some money on your gas?