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Reminder: SGHS PTSA Yard Sale

Saturday, November 13, 9am - 2pm.

Their flyer says the yard sale is in the north lot (Ramona, near the railroad tracks), but that parking is available in the south lot, which I assume means the one with an entrance at the corner of Grand and Ramona. Bit of a walk, but hopefully worth it!

The Other War of 1812 Vet

There may be others, but this is the tombstone of Wiley Wilson, the second known War of 1812 Veteran buried at historic Savannah Memorial Park. Note he was born in 1800. Even at the end of the war, he would only have been 14 years old.

Veterans' Day Flags in Savannah Cemetery

I spent about a small part of Saturday morning with friends, walking in a cemetery, placing American flags at the graves and grave markers of U.S. Veterans.

Here's a picture of the grave marker of John Holt, one of two veterans of the War of 1812 who are buried in historic Savannah Memorial Park in Rosemead.

Edison Pena on The Late Show

Edison Pena, one of the Chilean miners who spent 69 days trapped underground, was on the Late Show last night. Man, was he a crack up! Check out the clip on the Yahoo story.

Returns Coming in Slow

But the networks have all called Brown and Boxer the winners in California. Also, Harry Reid won over Sharon Angle in Nevada, and Chris Coons crushed Christine O'Donnell in Delaware.

Bad news for the Democrats, but at least the battiest of the TEA Party folks lost.

It's nice to know that, at least in statewide contest, patently unqualified people don't win very often.

Taking off the negative ads?

This has been in the news a day or two, now: Matt Lauer's call for both Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown to stop airing their negative ads.

Not surprisingly, Brown offered to stop airing his if she'd stop airing hers. Not surprisingly, Whitman refused.

More on the Bell investigations

LA Times today reports that the LA County Public Integrity Division was slow to act on allegations of wrongdoing in Bell.

Not quite the sort of racial harmony MLK dreamed about, but. . . .

In the "old days," criminal gangs on television were always ridiculous well-integrated.

Sometimes, life imitates art. Judging by the names, at least. Asian and Latino, thieving in perfect harmony.