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Natural History Museum

Been a pretty quiet time here, so let me share a shot of the NHM in Los Angeles.

I can't visit the place without looking at those big dioramas!

You can probably guess this was from the last time I rode the Silver Line into South Los Angeles.

Jerry Brown's Merry Band of Lawyers

While Meg Whitman bashes the state Attorney General about his band of lawyers, Jerry Brown has filed suit against numerous officials and former officials from the City of Bell.

Fresh and Easy Opens

They officially opened their doors yesterday, September 8. The small parking lot was quickly overwhelmed. Between the overcrowded lot and the poor access, I'm sure they're losing a fair amount of business already. They're probably also doing a fair business, which is good for them. And they've mailed out coupons ($5 off on a $20 order), which is good for Rosemead residents.

Rosemead Youth Leadership Center After School Program

Short story/press release in the SGV Tribune about the afterschool program at Temple Intermediate School in southern Rosemead. It's my understanding the program is open to all comers, not just those living in the Garvey School District. Call the Foundation for more information.

Prop 23

Yet more evidence that our state government is broken is the continuous presentation to voters in California of lousy initiatives that were qualified by big corporations to save themselves millions (sometimes billions) of dollars at the expense of the public's pocketbook, health, or environment.

Bell Recall

The Los Angeles Times reports Bell residents have taken "the first step" toward recalling the four city councilmembers who are pulling down six-figure salaries.

Eastside light rail extension and 30/10

Article on the 30/10 initiative, which would have the feds lend money to the MTA, which the MTA would repay from Measure R funds. We'd get things built faster, and jobs would be created faster (not by November, of course, but faster).

At the end of the article, there's a note that

Proposition to Support State Parks

Funny thing happened when I read the SGV Tribune this morning. I saw an editorial written by a former student of mine, Alfredo Gonzalez. He wrote in support of Prop 21 on the November ballot, which would impose an $18 charge on top of your VLF (Vehicle License Fee) when you register your car.