Municipal Election Candidates File

March 8 is election day in for Rosemead and Monterey Park city council seats.

The SGV Tribune posted a short article on candidates who have filed.

The list for Rosemead includes Councilwoman Polly Low, Planning Commissioner Bill Alarcon, and local activists R. Alejandro Gandara and Barbara Murphy.

However, this list is preliminary. Because Gary Taylor did not file for reelection, the filing period in Rosemead was extended to today (December 15). Also, the list published by the Tribune is of people who had pulled papers to run. As of Monday, only Polly Low had actually filed her papers.

Hilariously, the Tribune also claims that high speed rail is the big issue confronting Rosemead voters. Yeah. No one cares about wasteful spending or an unresponsive city government. Uh, uh.

Final list includes just Low,

Final list includes just Low, Alarcon and Gandara.

I'm glad there's going to be an election. It would just seem crazy to hand Alarcon the job, again.