I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there is gambling going on in here!

I just couldn't resist the cheesy headline regarding gambling machines found in many area stores.


The comments there are now Facebook, not Topix. that kinda sucks. I liked the trashy topix folks.

Anyway, why are they so focused on little businesses, when every single mini golf and kiddie restaurant has coin pushers, coin flippers, and skee-ball that gives out tickets?

I thought there might be a

I thought there might be a distinction between games of skill (skeeball) and games of chance (slot machines)?

Of course, politically, it's easier to go after smaller businesses rather than larger ones, because the latter can afford better lawyers.

Regarding the Tribune comments, it's pretty pointless. If Facebook lets you conceal personal information so that you can get an account but still present an anonymous face to the world, stupid racist know-nothings will still dominate comments on Tribune stories. It'll just mean more traffic for Facebook.