Big Raise for Garvey School District Superintendent

Boosted from $148,500 to %170K. In addition, Superintendent Sandra Johnson receives $5100 for having a Ph.D., $5700 for "mileage," and perhaps $12,000 a year deposited into her retirement account.

The Tribune article says it was unclear if the $12,000 that has been added annually would increase along with the salary increase. All told, that's nearly $200,000 a year, which puts her in the same range as what Governor Brown is taking home.

Parent Meeting

The Garvey Teachers are sponsoring a parent/community meeting at Bitely Elementary (7501 East Fern Avenue - Rosemead, CA 91770) tomorrow (October 4th) at 6:30 PM. People will be discussing this move by the School Board to increase the Superintendent's salary while everyone else in the District is asked to take concessions.

Tone Deaf

I don't understand how they can vote a raise for the top administrator while they're cutting back on everyone else. It sets a bad example. The justification that this is "back fill" doesn't make sense. It just reeks of entitlement. Besides, she'll make plenty enough when she retires, again. Every year on the job is another $3,000+ a year in added retirement benefits as it is.


Is that 12k toward a state pension, or in addition to the state pension?

The board should hold back on raises for management until they can do raises or COLAs for everyone. This is a democracy, and that means we're supposed to get equal treatment more or less, even if we're not equal.

Giving a boost to management when the front line workers are getting pay cuts is more like monarchy or elitism.

Deferred compensation

They're calling it "deferred compensation," which sounds like it's NOT going into the public retirement system, but that it's going into a private IRA-type vehicle.