The Bin Laden, The

The post's title is just a little Simpson's humor.

The other irreverent thing I was thinking over the last day was, "Yeah, Trump can be proud of the fact that he got President Obama to release his long form birth certificate, but Obama can be proud that he got Osama bin Laden to die."

Can't really complain about the outcome, but there are a few fishy things that have been coming out of the story. The initial wording of the President's announcement sure implied that we just executed OBL after we had him captured, and comments from the Administration prior to this event also implied that we had no intention of capturing him alive. But now our official story is that he resisted our forces continuously for 40 minutes (though, somehow, after 40 minutes of firing, none of our guys got hit), and he was killed during the shooting.

I'm also wondering how they can claim to have run a DNA match on OBL within the five or six hours between when we (the US) said we killed him and when we said we had a DNA match. Dumping his body at sea was also a pretty good way of disposing of the evidence.

Again, can't really complain about the outcome, and I can imagine the practical difficulties if we decided to ship him to Guantanamo, try him, then execute him all legal-like. It's just that some of the details of the story don't quite add up.

Fox News gets it wrong. . . Again

Clip from Fox News, about who died on Sunday night, is here.

Honest mistake? Probably. But not the first time they seem to want Obama dead.

Meanwhile, the crazies on the

Meanwhile, the crazies on the right are still saying the President wasn't born in the US. There's just no way to combat stupidity with facts.

Hu-rah, Mr. President!

Hu-rah, Mr. President!