Drastic Rent Increases in El Monte being Examined

This recent story on ABC about rent increases at Brookside Mobile Park raises the issue of mobile home rental law, which is different from regular rental law, and also different from homeowner law. If you or a relative is living in a mobile home park, it's wise to learn the laws regarding them.


This story just got me thinking again about the park on San Gabriel and Garvey that was bulldozered illegally, without a demolition permit. Sometimes, these park owners try to get away with anything.

Whatever the law is, and whatever the owners' motivations, an eviction is an eviction, and many have been evicted from Brookside because they cannot bear these increase of hundreds of dollars. The ABC story is pretty sad.

There's a fundraiser being held by Enriques Tamales and the Roll Inn restaurant in Hacienda Heights for evicted residents. The event is on the 2nd, call 626-712-4122 for details or to order some fundraiser tamales. Check out the place on yelp; they serve up a burrito like sushi. lol

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