Wal-Mart Research

Wal-Mart going where it isn't wanted, again

Chinatown Wal-Mart is still in the news. I still don't shop at Wal-Mart. Lying bastards.

Arkansans Against Wal-Mart

Residents of Bella Vista AR are angry about a zone-change being done to bring in a Wal Mart.

Doesn't this nonsense sound familiar? Do we have any advice for these people being plagued by Walmart and their underhanded political moves?

Walmart Bribery Scandal Should Lead to Big Fines

In Wal-Mart Probe, a ‘Black Box’ of Possible Fines

As we know, Walmart likes to play politics to smooth their store development process. They ask for favors, and now it's quite clear that they will also bribe politicians to get their development plans approved.

Wal-Mart closes its eyes to bribery

Yahoo story today on how Wal-Mart ended an investigation into bribery by its Mexican subsidiary when their investigation started looking bad. Surprise, surprise: Wal-Mart breaks the law or bends the rules, then pretends to know nothing about it. They're like Sgt.

Did Wal Mart Supporters Puncture My Tires?

I just got an email about someone who got their tires punctured after participating in a political conference.

That made me think back to when we were fighting against building the Wal-Mart in Rosemead. I suffered three punctures during that time. Not before or since have I gotten this many flats in such a short period of time.

The Rich Get Richer

El Monte, a city that is so broke that it imposed an additional .5% sales tax on its residents (and neighbors who shop in El Monte), just found $7.7 million to give to a developer to get Wal-Mart to bring their noise, traffic, and exploitive practices to El Monte.

LA Times Crime Tracker

The Los Angeles Times has been compiling LAPD and LA County Sheriff reports into an interactive map feature. It's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of what's going on in the city.