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Chuck Lyons' vanity track is going to cost this year's Rosemead High School football team an entire year on the road. It'll also cost them ticket and concessions revenue. But they'll still come out ahead, because of the $800,000 the city of Rosemead is paying for their new track.

Polluted Beaches

The SGV Tribune seems to be opposed to cleaning up our beaches. That's somewhat typical of their provincial approach to policy.

Perhaps reading this story from a few years ago will remind them why cleaning up our storm water runoff matters.

Gloria Molina left me holding the bag!

I guess if you're termed out and unopposed in your election, you get to spend your money on things that will help raise your visibility for a possible future run for office. Supervisor Gloria Molina just sent me (and probably everyone else in the district) a reusable shopping bag.

Free Art and Culture

So you want to visit a museum, but you're too cheap to pay for it? Lucky for you, there are ways around paying. Here's a link to a .pdf document on the Norton Simon Museum's website that lists free days for most area museums. Enjoy!

Memorial Day, Part 2

Haven't had a chance to get on-line to write about Memorial Day in Savannah Cemetery.

The cemetery looked great. Two days earlier, dozens of volunteers placed flags at the headstones and tombstones of veterans buried in the cemetery. Dozens of others (some volunteers, some doing community service) helped spruce up the place.

MC Gill Corporation Supports Savannah Cemetery

The M.C. Gill Corporation presented the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery with a check for $8,000 to support the historic cemetery and help balance Savannah's books for the current year.

More scenes from the cemetery

Walking through the cemetery yesterday, I saw a headstone, adorned with flowers. Coming closer, I noticed that the day before was the woman's birthday. Someone (probably one of her children or grandchildren) had stopped by to place flowers on her grave for her birthday.