Memorial Day, Part 2

Haven't had a chance to get on-line to write about Memorial Day in Savannah Cemetery.

The cemetery looked great. Two days earlier, dozens of volunteers placed flags at the headstones and tombstones of veterans buried in the cemetery. Dozens of others (some volunteers, some doing community service) helped spruce up the place.

The El Monte graffiti abatement team powerwashed the siege mortar, and an El Monte painter donated his time and machinery to repaint the artillery piece. Here's what the piece looked like before:

And here's what it looked like after.

The keynote speaker was First Lieutenant Justen F. WIggins of the California Army National Guard and a veteran of the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Rosemead High School Vocal Ensemble also shared their talents with those gathered to pay their respects to the fallen

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Memorial Day, etc.

Great Pictures and write-ups. You are wonderful!!!..Jan