Free Art and Culture

So you want to visit a museum, but you're too cheap to pay for it? Lucky for you, there are ways around paying. Here's a link to a .pdf document on the Norton Simon Museum's website that lists free days for most area museums. Enjoy!

Note that, for some places (the Getty, for sure), even though entry is free, you may need to pay for parking. You can get around paying for parking by taking public transit.

another life cute way too short

We all lost a great person last week, his name was Josh Louallen, it was horrible and shocking to learn that this man who was loved greatly died so suddenly. Josh graduated from Rosemead High school. For all of us that went to high school with him know that josh was funny and had a great way of seeing the world through his own eyes. You Josh will be truely missed. For the lost for his family we are all so sorry. Please help assist the family with funeral costs and little Kayla. Any donations big or small would be very helpful. Thank You in advance for your support. Stop by any Wells Fargo to make a donation.
Here are some wonderful words from people that loved and cared so much about Josh,
Ricardo Plasencia-The words "LETS GO PANTHERS"!!!! will never be the same without you bro....
Rob Louallen-So I woke up this morning thinking about you and tears began to roll. I then thought of the time we spray painted all of your grandmas plants and then took house paint and paint brushes and painted the side of your grandmas car. I remember the look on her face when she caught me writing my name on the car and when she ...asked what I was doing " you" quickly yelled" I told him not to do it !!! Then you took off with Eli .... This story made me smile and think, your up there with grandma an she now knows the " whole" story.... I love you cousin, watch over our family and know you will live forever in our hearts.... Damn, I'm gonna miss you...
This is just a couple of ppl that will miss Josh forever. They are trying to raise money to help Joshs family pay for his funeral...please help if you can!!!!

The information that is needed is as follows: account name is under Juan M. Romo and the account title is under Joshua Louallen and if needed the last 4 numbers of the account are 3111. Thank you for kindness in donating for Josh, Kayla and the Louallen family
Thank you so much for your time!!!