MC Gill Corporation Supports Savannah Cemetery

The M.C. Gill Corporation presented the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery with a check for $8,000 to support the historic cemetery and help balance Savannah's books for the current year.

This is not the first time MC Gill has stepped in to support the cemetery. They also made large monetary contributions in the past, paid to replace part of the wrought iron fence that surrounds the cemetery, and paid for a headstone for a multiple-decorated veteran interred at Savannah.

I had never even heard of this company until about two years ago, and had no idea what they did until about two days ago. Now that I know what they do, I'm even more impressed by their generosity. They sell advanced composite materials used in the aerospace industry. In short, their contributions are truly a donation to the region's historic preservation, and it's not like their donations are going to lead directly to a local consumer buying one of their products or shopping at one of their stores as a result of their largess.

Several elected officials and representatives of local officials were there to recognize M.C. Gill Corp. for their donation.

Here, Garvey School Board member Henry Lo (left) presents M.C. Gill Chairman Stephen Gill (right) and Savannah Cemetery Board of Directors Chair Randy Wiggins (center) with a certificate from state senator Gloria Romero. L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina, state assemblyman Mike Eng, and the cities of Rosemead and El Monte also presented certificates of appreciation.

Here's a shot of some of the supporters of the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery, before the ceremony.

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MC Gill Presentation

Those were great pictures...Ther is one thing that I should have told you before. MC Gill did not pay for the headstone for Wilbur Carmicheal. Heather (the gal that did the newsletter contacted the Veterans Department and somehow they sent it to us free of charge. (I think veterans are entitled to a free headstone)

Just for your info, I put the flowers on Royetta's grave. Her family has made a donation to the cemetery and I told them I would do it every year. There is also a little baby that I take care of on his birthday.

That's very nice of you; I'm

That's very nice of you; I'm sure it means a lot to them!

seige mortar

don't know if you got my comment, I pressed the share button and it said I wasn't elegible to share...anyway, one of our board members has said that he could sand blast and paint it for us....we'll see. I'll know more after we see him on Saturday...

Thanks for your "publicity"...Jan

No Problem, Janice!

Funny thing about the pictures. During most of the ceremony, they were standing a little further to their left. Behind them on the left is the tinted glass window of the office. Reflected off the window were people standing out to the stage-left. It made the pictures too "busy." Also, people's eyes were closed in a surprising number.

But you don't notice that stuff when you're shooting the pictures; you only notice that after you get home. It was a reminder why photographers usually take a lot of "extra" pictures, and from different angles.