El Monte News

El Monte Wal-Mart

Still bubbling under. I wonder if the multi-million grant to the developer is a grant or an advance? Do they keep the money regardless of what they do?

Freeway Open; Bridge Closed

The Pomona Freeway has been mostly open since Saturday afternoon. There are apparently still nightly closures going on as the Paramount bridge is completely demolished. However, it has no effect on rush hour commutes.

Access to the Montebello Mall is still possible from the north, via San Gabriel Blvd, and the south, via Montebello Blvd.

Power Outages

If you're still in the dark but have Internet access, you can track the progress on turning the power back on at this web site, which is the
SCE Outage Center webpage.

Money talks; Wal-Mart Screams

Wal-Mart and its development partner in El Monte are making tens of thousands dollars in contributions to several El Monte council members. In exchange, they're going to get millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to build a store. The proposed site is at Valley and Santa Anita.

Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Study Released

Short AP blurb on the Tribune website, although it suggests the area under study is a "wilderness."

The National Park Service newsletter describing the draft report is here.

Oh, goody! Something else worry about!

Killer mosquitoes!

Of course, even if there were no "Tiger Mosquitoes," it's always a good idea to eliminate standing water and those regular mosquitoes, which still bite and still can be vectors for other diseases.

SGV Journal Story on Savannah Cemetery

The SGV Journal reports that Savannah Cemetery is getting closer on winning state historical site status.