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Story in the LA Times today about the Asian American community's response to SCA5, a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow the return of affirmative action to the University of California system.

$60,000 a year? Are you freaking kidding me?

The five members of the Rosemead City Council cost city taxpayers over $320,000 last year. Nearly all of that is in salary, retirement (!) and benefits. That's nuts. Over $60,000 EACH! Take a look at the city budget. It's posted on the city website (the one Maggie Clark voted against creating). Pasting the address below should work.

Crime Spikes in Rosemead

The happy talk from the incumbents to the contrary, we're in the midst of a disturbing spike in Part 1 (serious) crimes in Rosemead.

Chickens 1, Racists 0

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary litigation, Rosemead has finally decided to settle with CAL Poultry to let the business remain in town.


The developer who says she bribed John Tran now claims this case has caused her emotional distress.


Might be coming to El Monte. Would be nice, since they left San Gabriel a few years ago for West Covina. WeCo is too far to drive, but I'd be willing to drive to El Monte.

What affordable housing?

The story headline in the Tribune says that cutting the redevelopment agencies has "dealt a blow" to affordable housing in El Monte. Yet, when you read the actual story, you discover there has been virtually no low income housing developed for families in the entire history of the program in El Monte.

10,000 still without power

That would major-league suck.