Chickens 1, Racists 0

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary litigation, Rosemead has finally decided to settle with CAL Poultry to let the business remain in town.

Funny how the city wants to spin this as some sort of win. They just got their butts handed to them, and they could have gotten here three years ago without all the posturing and legal fees. Of course, that would not have served their electoral goals. This way, it only cost taxpayers money. The other way, they could have saved us tens of thousands of dollars, but it might have cost them some votes.

Tribune does not go far enough

Among the problems with the Tribune article is that the reporter continues to take what Armenta, Ly and Clark say as though it were the truth. She never asks WHY complaints about the odors started "about five years ago." She also fails to explain that these proposed odor controls were all proposed by the owner five years ago.

The other thing going on five years ago was that Maggie Clark was worried about losing her job, and she managed to recruit a couple of dunsels to run interference for her. She screamed about avian flu and gave people the impression that this was some new problem, as opposed to something that's been going on for decades.

This was always about the politics of keeping Maggie Clark in power, and NEVER about health, safety, welfare, economics, or fairness.