30 Years of Progress, Imperial-Taylor Style

On my way to Victor Ruiz's campaign kick-off, I saw something that I think really sums up what this election is all about.

The first picture attached below is of the northeast corner of Valley and Temple City.  Basically, it's what people coming to Rosemead from the east would see upon crossing the city line:  A closed business, peppered with Imperial-Taylor signs.  Doesn't that really say what they're all about?  Under their thirty years of leadership, their legacy has been empty lots and shuttered businesses on what should be our main commercial drag.  Want more shuttered businesses?  Re-elect Imperial and Taylor.

Think that picture is atypical of our city?  Take a look at the second picture attached.  That one is of the southwest corner of Valley and Temple City (kitty-corner from the first picture).

I don't think anything does a better job of illustrating why Rosemead NEEDS new leadership in city hall.

NEValleyTC3 resized.JPG27.84 KB
SWValleyTC2 resized.JPG20.32 KB

Link to Google Maps of that corner

Here's a link to an aerial view.


I think the City has a hard time because it is a victim of circumstance. The 10 freeway cuts through residential areas, making it difficult to develop along it. It's a logistical goldmine, but because it rips apart residential neighborhoods, it destroys without bringing benefits. Big projects are sited along too-small roads, like Wal Mart and the Auto Auction. So you can't add more retail without impacting traffic and residences.

A more fortunate city has an industrial area that's able to be converted into a commercial area, to adapt to an economy that has less manufacturing and more service jobs.

What's a city to do?

Thirty years is long enough to change the circumstances!

Finding willing buyers and willing sellers to assemble parcels for comprehensive development and/or for building proper freeway interchanges takes time. But the incumbents have had over 30 years! Instead of making progress, we're falling behind. Case in point is the signal at Hellman and Walnut Grove. Are things better now than they were before the signal "improvement" for the offramp? I don't think so. Was adding that signal the best thing they could do in the last 30 years to fix that interchange? Again, I don't think so. I think we're in our current circumstance because of a failure of leadership.