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Rialto in South Pasadena to Close

Used to be that going to see the movies was a real event, and the Rialto in South Pasadena is part of that history. Yep, history. Because it’s closing for good on August 20. The saddest part is that the last movie to play there is probably going to be The Simpson’s Movie.

City Meetings -- Tuesday, August 14

     The schedule for city meetings next Tuesday (August 14) has been finalized. You can link to the various announcements and agendas here.

     At 4:30 p.m., the Community Development Commission begins its public interviews of candidates for the city’s redevelopment attorney. At 5:30 p.m., the CDC meets to make its selection (if any) of a new CDC counsel.

The Power of Blogs

     The blogger currently known as "watch" recently posted this near the tail end of a very long list of comments to a post that’s on page three of our blog. Just thought I’d put a link up here, in case you didn’t manage to catch it. He includes a quote from this post to Edward Barrera’s blog. Barrera is the San Gabriel Valley Newsgroup's metro editor.

Temple City Burning

When you drive through Temple City, do you see many magnolia trees? Just wondering, because, recently, reading about crimes in T.C. makes you feel like you’re in Mississippi in the 1960s.

Amusing SGV Tribune Headline/Arcadia Mall Projects

     Tuesday, July 24, front page of the local news section:  "Judge to consolidate 2 lawsuits over Arcadia Mall"

     What so funny about the headline?  The lead paragraph of the story reads, "A judge on Monday said she likely will not consolidate two legal challenges to a proposed upscale shopping mall in Arcadia, but will hold joint hearings on both to save time."

Are Levitz's days in Rosemead numbered?


I definitely like what has happened on the other side of Rosemead Blvd.  Be nice if we could get something similar on the west side of the street.  It would be even better if they could rework the freeway access as part of this project.

Special City Council Meeting: Tuesday, July 17, 5:30pm

Don’t think this has been posted here, yet: Rosemead City Council next meets on Tuesday, July 17, at 5:30pm. The Community Development Commission meets at 5:00pm on that same day.

The agenda for the city council meeting is available here.

The agenda for the CDC meeting is available here.

City Managers in the SGV

Monterey Park, which lost its city manager to Glendora, is moving towards appointing a department head as interim city manager. It then intends to spend $23,000 and a minimum of 14 weeks looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, I also recent read that West Covina’s city manager makes $188,000/year, while El Monte’s makes $194,484.  I bet both also get a car allowance in addition to their salaries. If you want to put that in context, Vice President currently makes about $208,000.