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Protesting Wal-Mart's Alcoholic Beverage License--Comments Due by January 5, 2006

Wal-Mart has applied for a 24-hour liquor license for its yet-to-begin-construction, not-supposed-to-be-a-24-hour-store. Although we certainly hope the disposition of this liquor license becomes a moot point [because the store will never be built], you may wish to protest this liquor application. If so, here are some bases for protesting:

[With minor editing, this material copied from http://www.nfocouncil.org/ABC_procedure2002.htm]

Did Jay Imperial Just Concede Defeat?

Anyone else wonder why Jay Imperial seemed so adamant in setting the recall election date on February 28th? He kept saying, "That's the date of the next city council meeting!"

Does this mean he has accepted that he will lose the recall election, and was simply asking for one more paycheck before he retires from public life?

Grading at Walnut Grove and Rush--But Don't Panic!

The big ole eucalyptus trees in the field south of Eldridge Rice School [I refuse to call it "the Wal-Mart site"] have been felled. Folks in hard hats were on site, and grading has begun.

But don't panic. Wal-Mart owns the land, and they do have a permit to grade. However, Judge Yaffe has not yet signed off on the revised EIR. So, until that litigation is fully resolved, what ever work Wal-Mart undertakes in the field south of Eldridge Rice School is at their own risk. Let's hope they spend a wad of money and then get shut down.

"Anti-recall ploy could backfire"

An interesting editorial appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on December 9. Paste this url into your web browser to read it:


Jay, Gary, and Margaret: Take note. When even your friends are saying you screwed up, you screwed up!