The Power of Blogs

     The blogger currently known as "watch" recently posted this near the tail end of a very long list of comments to a post that’s on page three of our blog. Just thought I’d put a link up here, in case you didn’t manage to catch it. He includes a quote from this post to Edward Barrera’s blog. Barrera is the San Gabriel Valley Newsgroup's metro editor.

     Interestingly enough, Barrera links to this humble little blog. It’s a little flattering, but also a little sad that there aren’t a whole slew of other blogs for people to write about goings-on in the San Gabriel Valley.

     But back to the point. Did the bloggers (particularly those at, who, it would be safe to say, have declared war on Arnold Alvarez-Glasman) manage to stop his appointment as Rosemead’s redevelopment attorney? I think it’s a little premature to say that, particularly since we have no way of knowing if Barrera’s un-named official knows what she (or, less likely, he) is talking about.

     One early indicator will be whether the other law firms even send someone out to interview with the city. Last month, they must have been pretty sure it was going to be Alvarez-Glasman, because none of the others bothered coming to the meeting. This time around, they’ve got an explicit invitation to interview. If they don’t show up again, well, then there won’t be any question as to who’s going to get the offer.  Even if someone *wanted* to give them the job, how could you extend an offer to an applicant that won't come in for an interview?

Poof! Gone with the wind. . . .

Well, no sooner to I mention Edward Barrera's blog, when he decides to hang it up.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Guess we really are powerful. :D <--JOKING!!!

And the Foothill Cities blog links back...

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Rosemead's New Redevelopment Counsel

It is impossible to definitively say if the blogs kept Arnold Alvarez-Glasman from becoming Rosemead's redevelopment counsel at tonight's City Council meeting.  Only the members of the City Council know that for certain.  However, it is safe to say that Burke Williams Sorensen is now Rosemead's redevelopment counsel.

rosemead new redevelopment counsel

Thank god it's not A-G!

Dealing with blogs...

    See the following two postings about blogs and the struggles local governments are having in dealing with them.  The postings include quotes from Arnold Alvarez-Glasman about his interactions with the local blogs: