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Groundwater contamination

Also in today's SGV Tribune:


There's a plume of groundwater contamination that the EPA thought was coming from the Temple Sheriff's station.  Turns out it's not coming from there.

That means it's coming from somewhere "upstream," which the article says is to the northeast (I don't have any hydrologic maps to say otherwise).  If it is coming directly from the northeast, that's the site of the proposed Piazza Las Tunas development.  This is something that could definitely bring that project to a screeching halt. . . . 

Senior Housing in Rosemead

Nice story in today's SGV Tribune:


But hardly surprising:  When you sell something at less-than-market prices, queuing is the necessary result.

Wal-Mart's Spies


The San Gabriel Valley News Group had an editorial earlier this week.  It's interesting mainly because the editorial board acts shocked, SHOCKED! that Wal-Mart would spy on their employees and spy on people investigating their company.


I'm not shocked.  They're big and they're a bully.  During our campaign against Wal-Mart, they clearly had a mole working for SOC, and they made a habit of taking pictures of peaceful protesters and peaceful citizens attending public hearings at Rosemead City Hall and Rosemead High School.

Assemblyman Mike Eng -- Open House

Assemblyman Mike Eng is holding an open house in his new district office this Sunday, April 1, from 3pm-6pm, at 9420 Telstar Ave., Suite 103, El Monte, CA  91731.


Telstar Avenue hits Rosemead a bit south of the San Bernardino Freeway.  From there, head east, until just past Rio Hondo.


You can also access this area by exiting the San Bernardino Freeway east bound on to Flair Drive, turn right on Rio Hondo, take that to Telstar, and look for someplace to park.

Utility Taxes

A week or so ago, I came across an interesting letter in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.  It was written by the city manager of Covina, and, at least for now, can be read here:


I found it interesting because I seem to recall seeing fire and library charges on my property tax bill.  Also, when I look up my voting districts on www.lavote.net I also see that I live in both a fire protection tax district and a library services tax district.  I'll have to check my property tax bill more carefully, but it sure seems like the claim of "no local taxes" for Rosemead was never true to begin with.  I feel embarrassed for letting them get away with that.  They should be embarrassed for lying to us like that.

Wal-Mart: Profits First, America's Security Second


When I was walking precincts last year, I came across a man who insisted that the free market was perfect because businesses strive to provide us with what we want.  I countered that this was not true; businesses are only interested in maximizing profits.  When our interests and their profits are in conflict, they'll choose their profits over our safety any day of the week.

Campaign Kick-Off, Part Deux

California State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero dropped by the campaign headquarters of the Polly Low for Rosemead campaign headquarters this morning.

Picture, attached, from left to right:  Garvey School Board Member Henry Low, Sen. Gloria Romero, Rosemead City Council Candidate Polly Low, and Rosemead Mayor Pro Temp John Nunez.  Also present, but not pictured:  Rosemead City Councilman John Tran, Garvey School Board Member Bob Bruesch, and Rosemead City Council Candidate Victor Ruiz.

"Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows you're Nguyen. . ."

(Sung to the "Cheers" theme song)

Amusing story in the January 30 LA Times:


A candidate for Orange County Board of Supervisors recently attended an event with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  A photo showing the candidate, Trung Nguyen, standing next Schwarzenegger, was circulated, and it appeared in several Vietnamese-language newspapers in the area.