City Council Violated Brown Act

As reported in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune today, the county DA's office has advised the Rosemead City Council that its actions of last September (when it granted Wal-Mart its certificate of occupancy) was illegal.

No real surprise there--it was obvious to all who attended that the action was illegal.  It's just nice to have the county's top law enforcement officer confirm this fact.

On a somewhat related note, you might be wondering why the Wal-Mart garden center is still dark?  It's because they haven't been able to connect the structure's fire suppression system.  Why not?  Because the water pipes are sealed under the asphalt of their parking lot.

Why was the asphalt laid down before the garden center's fire suppression system was hooked up?  Obviously, because Wal-Mart was cutting corners to get their main store open before the September 19 election.  Except, you'll recall, Wal-Mart's paid mouth pieces kept insisting that they were following "all the rules," and that construction in Rosemead was progressing just like at any other Wal-Mart store.

Yeah, right.

Anyone care to speculate on what other shortcuts may have been taken to get that store opened before the election?  Anyone need a reminder of all the rules they broke to get the store open?

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It's not surprising, anymore.  But you'd think that after the county DA spanked them for violating the Brown Act, they'd start taking Flournoy's suits more seriously.  Instead of changing their behavior, however, all they do is keep asking Jim to stop suing them when they break the law.  They should be putting the public's safety first.