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The Sock Puppets Continue Their Hypocrisy

(edited October 11, 2006)

Words about "healing" keep coming out of one side of their mouths, but mud keeps dripping from the other side of their mouths.  Let's consider what they've been saying in their recent letters to the editor (mostly San Gabriel Valley Tribune, although some appeared in the Pasadena Star News):


1.  On October 9, a sock puppet letter said that getting the Wal-Mart open "in record time" was evidence of the "great relationship" between city staff and Wal-mart.  The letter also criticized John Tran for accepting Mike Lewis' inivitation to visit the new Wal-Mart and talk about ways in which the store could be a "good neighbor."

Weekly Meetings on Hiatus

After four years, it's time for a break.  So the weekly meetings at the Amberwood complex on on hiatus.  We're not sure when we'll begin regular meetings again.  But this website and the e-mail list will continue.  And, of course, we still have the phone tree.

There are also tentative plans for a potluck picnic in October.

It'll be fun to have some purely social time together.  I'll post more information on the picnic when it becomes available.

It's spelled, C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S, you illiterate boobs!

Rosemead Sock Puppets Against the Recall, also known as "No on Rosemead Recall," sent out another mailer last week.


This one included separate letters, signed by Jay Imperial and Gary Taylor.  The content of the letters, yet again, makes me laugh.  No need to go point-by-point, because I think we've rebutted all their claims already.  But I did need to note that our esteemed mayor misspelled "congratulations" in his letter.  Twice.  In CAPITAL LETTERS!  I suppose this proves that he actually did write this letter on a typewriter.  Either that, or he just doesn't know how to use spell check.  What's even funnier is that these technological troglodytes want to claim that THEY were behind our city finally getting a website.  LOL!

Gutless Wonders Fear the Light of Day

Late last night, after the city attorney assured everyone that Wal-Mart would not appear on that night's agenda, and after nearly all honest citizens of Rosemead had gone home, Maggie, Gary, and Jay snuck Wal-Mart back on the agenda and then granted them their certificate of occupancy.


If they're so proud of what they're doing, then why do they keep trying to hide it from the people?  Cockroaches.

A Post With More 'Tude

I was cruising the Internet and came across this post:


It's mostly about our Moms vs. Wal-Mart protest, but it's written much more colorfully than the posts on our own site.  Just more evidence that we're a real grassroots organization.  Mike Lewis would never be able to get someone like this to write for him!

Wal-Mart Hiring Mercenaries to Fight the Ground War

Folks, we've recently become aware that one of the Wal-Mart front groups in Rosemead is offering jobs paying as much as $14/hour to walk precincts for them in Rosemead.  Of course, they're already paying people to make those fake "survey" phone calls to Rosemead voters.  And when they start making explicitly political phone calls in a few weeks, it will again be paid employees interrupting everyone's dinner.  Guess this really puts the lie to their claim that there's some great groundswell of support for their Supercenter in Rosemead:  They need to pay people to do what we're willing to do for free.

Friends of Victor Ruiz Fundraiser--August 11, 2006, 7pm

As previously noted Victor Ruiz has a fundraiser scheduled for Friday, August 11, 2006.  Victor Ruiz and Polly Low are the only candidates for Rosemead City Council endorsed by Save Our Community/YOR.

It is extremely important that folks who are tired of being ignored by the current majority on Rosemead City Council stand in support of these reform candidates.  Unlike their opponents, no one from Bentonville is going to write them checks for $10,000, $15,000, or even $30,000 at a time.  They need to rely upon the support of individuals such as yourselves.  I hope we can get another good turnout and give Mike Lewis another coronary.

Fundraiser a Resounding Success

Thanks to the many of you who dug deep and contributed to Polly Low's fundraiser, which was held July 20 at the 888 Seafood Restaurant.  Thanks also to the phone tree volunteers who worked so hard to publicize and encourage our members to attend.  None of our volunteers are particularly wealthy, so I know it was hard asking them to make contributions of as much as $2000 to attend the fundraiser.