Candidates File for March City Council election

Monday was the deadline for candidates to file for the March 2007 city council elections.  Both Gary Taylor and Jay Imperial filed for reelection.  Polly Low and Victor Ruiz also filed, as has a fifth candidate.

BTW, Taylor was quoted as saying that he was running for reelection because "There's still unfinished issues that we have to complete as far as the Wal-Mart issue."

The Tribune story said that Taylor "would not elaborate" on what those issues were.  But we all know what he was talking about.

Taylor, Imperial, and Clark are in a difficult position.  They want to approve the Wal-Mart for 24-hour operation, but they can't say out loud that they are even *thinking* about that option, because it would undermine their claim in the EIR litigation.  They got a judge to buy the argument that the EIR is complete because it is not "reasonably foreseeable" that 24-hour operation will come to Rosemead's Supercenter.  So now they have to sit quietly and pretend that this is true, at least for a reasonable period.  Then, after that reasonable period has passed, they'll stand up and say, "Hey, we just thought of something:  Why not let the Supercenter operate on a 24-hour basis?"

This is what happens when you lie to a judge.  You have to keep lying to everyone else, at least for a reasonable period.