. . . And the Latest from Mike Lewis and Wal-Mart

There's a letter signed by Maggie Clark at this link below.  It appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune a few days ago.


Of course, based on what Maggie said at a recent city council meeting, we know that just because her name appears on a letter doesn't necessarily mean she's actually read it, never mind wrote it.

Still, when you're done reading Wal-Mart's letter, consider a few facts:

1.  Was the wall height issue just a small part of the ordinance?  Well, let's see:  The ordinance goes on for nearly fifty pages.  The section dealing with fence heights would be about four sentences.  I think city staff had it about right.

2.  Was city staff listening to the "dialogue"?  What dialogue?  Wal-Mart's incendiary post card guaranteed that wasn't going to happen.

Yep, Wal-Mart's mailer made the meeting "pander-monium."  What a sad sight that was.  And the only thing sadder than an elected official pandering to the lowest common denominator is a wannabe elected official doing the same thing.