Also on the Agenda Tonight. . . .

The city council meets in special session this evening.  The agenda for the meeting is here:

In addition to the city manager's evaluation (which will occur in closed session), the city is also going to consider waiving the $3 fee for entering Rosemead Park on the Fourth of July.

I wonder whether the $3 fee even covers the cost of erecting and removing the fence around the park?  On the other hand, it had been suggested to me that the fee has a deterrent effect, in that it helps the Sheriff's Department maintain control over the event.

Folks wishing to comment on either agenda item (or any other city matter) are invited to attend this evening's meeting.

From Today's Paper. . . .

Andy's got a pretty sweet severance package:  18 months pay!  So, basically, the city would have to pay him pretty much the same amount whether they give him his walking papers or they keep him on until the conclusion of his contract.

Of course, I would assume if the situation has become mutually untenable, the city council and the city manager would be able to come to some sort of compromise on a buyout.