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Bobby Salcedo Memorial Highway

The Pomona Freeway from the Atlantic Avenue offramp in Monterey Park to the Rosemead City Limit has been named in honor of slain educator Roberto "Bobby" Salcedo.

Robberies in the San Gabriel Valley

This story has been getting quite a bit of coverage in the local media. Apparently, there's a team of robbers targeting women who return home late at night. Victims have lived in Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel and South Pasadena. Obviously, they could also hit neighboring cities.

Tribune Sells Out to Vernon

The Los Angeles Times reports that former state Attorney General John Van De Kamp believes he was misled about how his "interview" would be used--he says he thought it was a legitimate interview, when it was actually a set up by Vernon to place quotes to support their position against being dis-incorporated

Polly Low profile in West Valley Journal

On-line, it's called the San Gabriel Valley Journal. The story is here.

A few weeks ago, they ran a profile on Bill Alarcon.

Rosemead City Council Candidates Forum Video

The forum is archived here, in case you missed it but want to see the candidates.

Rosemead City Council Candidates Forum

On Tuesday, February 15, from 7pm - 9pm, the candidates for Rosemead City Council will participate in a forum at Rosemead City Hall. The proceedings will be webcast live.

Entirely predictable and entirely wrong

Someone should tell the SGV Tribune that John Tran isn't on the ballot in Rosemead. Their endorsement editorial in today's paper spent more time talking down Tran than talking up anybody. And most of what they said was bogus.

Forest Service Career Fair is . . . ?

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that the U.S. Forest Service is holding a career fair on Monday.