Entirely predictable and entirely wrong

Someone should tell the SGV Tribune that John Tran isn't on the ballot in Rosemead. Their endorsement editorial in today's paper spent more time talking down Tran than talking up anybody. And most of what they said was bogus.

And why didn't the excessive pay issue come up with Maggie Clark was running for reelection? Once Taylor moves on, she'll have been there the longest. That means she's more responsible for any excessive pay flowing to Rosemead's electeds and appointeds than anyone else in city hall.

It's really very sad that the Tribune just keeps fighting the same battles over and over.

You know what would have been really useful? What if the Tribune actually told us where Alarcon earns his pay. Also, if he's a "quiet guy," but a "results guy," then tell us about some of his results. He is on the planning commission. He was on city council. What results is he talking about? Or does he get a free pass because he's Maggie's boy?

You'd think the Tribune would

You'd think the Tribune would get tired of telling their imaginary version of history, but for some reason they have an axe to grind and seem to be very intent on grinding it.

It does seem odd that they would laud Gary Taylor while at the same time trying to hold Polly Low accountable for the sort of compensation packages they deem to be excessive, when those packages were put together by Taylor, Margaret Clark, Jay Imperial, and all the other Rosemead city council members that served in the 46 years before Polly was ever elected. There seems to be a total disconnect between the policies they criticize and their decades of endorsing the elected officials who implemented those policies.

Stupid Tribune Web Site

As long as I'm bashing the Tribune, I'll bash their stupid website, too. They have a pop up add that blots out your view and appears every time you change pages. Why don't they just put up a sign that says, "We don't want you to read our content, we just want to sell you something else?"

I think I'm done visiting their website for a while.