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The Rich Get Richer

El Monte, a city that is so broke that it imposed an additional .5% sales tax on its residents (and neighbors who shop in El Monte), just found $7.7 million to give to a developer to get Wal-Mart to bring their noise, traffic, and exploitive practices to El Monte.

How does he know someone was trying to rob him?

I think I know the answer to this, but it's a funny point to ponder: If he didn't understand any English and couldn't understand what the would-be robber was saying, then how does the Sheriff's Department know it was an attempted robbery? Maybe it was a simple assault, or a hate crime?

There is something wrong with their editing

Yeah, it's a cheap shot to pick on a newspaper for poor editing. Still, sometimes it just sticks out at you like a sore thumb. In this article, the problem is in the sixth paragraph, third line. Because it's at the start of a line, it's a sore thumb.

"F" in Smoking

The American Lung Association isn't happy with the smoking policies of any area cities. I don't say whether their goal is good or bad--I'm just reporting the story.

Alhambra Keeps Redeveloping

Despite the economic downturn, several redevelopment projects continue to move forward in Alhambra. The private sector projects are said to generate an additional $600,000 in annual property tax revenue, plus an undisclosed sales tax increase.

What ever happened to Gil Cedillo?

He's the guy who wanted to represent much of the San Gabriel Valley in the U.S. Congress, even though he didn't live in the district.

Now he's suing the state to get more pay. Yeah. Not the brightest bulb, is he?

I'd say she made the right call

It's a story that's funny because the woman was apparently uninjured by her would-be groom, who tried to run her over when when she rejected his proposal. Yeah, I'd say she made the right decision.

If the election makes you want to kill yourself, you're in luck


Yes, the McRib sandwich returns on election day to a McDonald's near you. For a limited time only!

Photo linked from http://sfist.com/attachments/Chris%20Jones/mcrib.jpg