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Election Day, at last!

That means the end of political commercial overload. It seemed like every proposition wanted you to think a vote for their side was a vote against "greedy politicians" and "special interest groups."

"It's why I came to California"

Somewhere in the Whitman campaign, someone's getting bawled out over her feel-good commercial that unintentionally makes the point that Jerry Brown's California wasn't so bad, after all. That's probably why her commercial that the LA Times made such a big deal about is playing so infrequently.

Rosemead Marijuana Lights Up a House

Is this what Cheech and Chong meant by "up in smoke"?

Azusa is Rosemead

Today's SGV Tribune has an article about the alleged parallels between Rosemead's Wal-Mart and Azusa's rock mining.

Huy Fong Foods

LA Times story on the relocation of Huy Fong Foods. Seventy jobs in Rosemead will be moving to Irwindale. Probably another 100-150 will be created in Irwindale.

"The Vietnamese are trying to take over"

Representative Loretta Sanchez got caught playing the race card last week on a Spanish-language television interview. The Los Angeles Times reports that she said (in Spanish) that "the Vietnamese and the Republicans are--with intensity--trying to take away this seat."

Wal-Mart Looking to Emulate Tesco

In Europe, Tesco (the owner of Fresh and Easy) is like Wal-Mart: The largest retailer in the land. They have a mixture of stores, from large, supercenter-like behemoths to smaller markets.

Looks like Wal-Mart is going to try that approach in the US.

City With a Mission is Still City With a Mission

I don't live in San Gabriel, but I think they made a good decision to stick with their current motto. "City With a Mission" doesn't require any explanation. But what was "History in the Making" supposed to mean?