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CAL Poultry sues Rosemead

On the one hand, I'm amused. I also think it's a shame that 1) the city has forced a responsible business to hire a lawyer to stay in business, and, 2) Rosemead's stupid, politics-first city council members are forcing an already-broke city to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit that the city council's actions brought upon itself.

Republicans want to lose to Obama in November

Well, probably not, but I just can't get over the stupid things they say. Mitt Romney wants to connect with autoworkers in Michigan, so he talks about the two Cadillacs his wife drives?

Something funny going on

City of Industry is buying up land in Orange County. Why? Nobody knows.

Where's Waldo? Chinese New Year Edition

The first Chinese New Year celebration in Rosemead was held on Mission Avenue, just east of Valley. The second one (last year) was at the UFC Gym's parking lot, on Marshall, north of the San Bernardino Freeway. This year's was supposed to be on Saturday, January 21, at 8001 Garvey Avenue (where the Auto Auction used to be). The banner over Valley Blvd said the rain date would be January 28.

Fresh and Easy still in the red

Last year, their U.S. stores lost over $1 million each. This year, the loss is "just" $600,000 or so each. ($113 million in losses, spread over 177 stores). That's not a sustainable business model.

Wal-Mart Brings Out the Best in Everyone

The annual police blotter for Wal-Marts around the country gets longer and crazier every year. This year, it was "competitive shopping" where a shopper armed with pepper spray used chemical warfare to force her fellow shoppers out of her way.

Money talks; Wal-Mart Screams

Wal-Mart and its development partner in El Monte are making tens of thousands dollars in contributions to several El Monte council members. In exchange, they're going to get millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to build a store. The proposed site is at Valley and Santa Anita.

Cluck, Cluck

Rick Perry is chickening out of most future debates, after acknowledging he just plain isn't very good at them. He said participating in the debates so far was "a mistake."