Where's Waldo? Chinese New Year Edition

The first Chinese New Year celebration in Rosemead was held on Mission Avenue, just east of Valley. The second one (last year) was at the UFC Gym's parking lot, on Marshall, north of the San Bernardino Freeway. This year's was supposed to be on Saturday, January 21, at 8001 Garvey Avenue (where the Auto Auction used to be). The banner over Valley Blvd said the rain date would be January 28.

It rained on Saturday. However, instead of being moved to the rain date mentioned on the banner, it was held today, Sunday, January 22.

I understand this event doesn't cost the city very much, but if you're going to go through the hassle of scheduling an event in the city, I think you ought to at least pretend like you care if anyone in the city can figure out where and when it will be.

Happy New Year's Week/Month?

How about celebrating on New Years Day (Jan 23)? We celebrate on January 1st. It works out fine every year. I thought you Chinese were smart?

January 1 is a national

January 1 is a national holiday every year. Nearly everyone gets the day off. Funny how it works out that way.

Fish Head City

I'm being proactive. The way things are going, Chinese will be requesting some kind of holiday for the lunar New Year. Funny how it works out that way.

Fish heads, fish heads...

...roly-poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, yum!

Funny how you can get worked

Funny how you can get worked up about something that no one is even considering asking for. I guess it's easier for you to make sense of the world if you don't let facts get in the way.

Some Facts For You

It was a jest. Not worked up at all. Just working you. Rosemead was a beautiful city before a certain group slowly changed it into a foreign planet. This group is super rude, drives like crap, smoke like trains, hawk loogies in public, and on and on. I bet
you are proud.

Happy New Year!

some more facts for YOU!

You should thank your lucky stars for Asian immigrants saving the day in the San Gabriel Valley. If not for them, the SG Valley, particularly Rosemead and SSG, would be one big varrio essay! Bright orange and turqoise stucco houses, illegally converted garages, crooked and hanging chain link fences, broke down cars sitting on top of fruit crates on the front lawn, dirt lawns, overall school API scores in the 500's. Dare I go on??? Oh, did in forget graffiti?


Wow. Great story. You should produce the movie "Always Running". I'm not talking about the Lomas Hills, I'm talking about Rosemead. As for education, maybe if the district spent less money with esl classes the scores would be better. Tell the ASIAN BOYZ to stop tagging the walls essay. If you like Asians so much go vacation in China and see how accepting they are. I'm sure they will roll the red carpet out for you.


So Not Fiction

You make 1960-70's Rosemead sound like it was Mayberry RFD---uh, NOT! Why don't you put on your "overall's" from Doughboys and hang out over at the Other Ball. (glorious past indeed!)

Just can't buy a good buggy whip in Rosemead, any more

Some folks think any change is bad.


Yeah it kind of was. Whores were on Garvey. There was a taxidermist. The football team was "The Rebels".

And there were and are colorful houses, a barrio, now some Asian barrios, gangs etc. whatever. The city neglects the southern parts. What do you expect?

"Everything looks better in

"Everything looks better in black and white."
--Paul Simon

More holidays = good

I'm all for lunar new years holiday.

Bring back Washington and Lincoln's birthdays (forget this "Presidents Day" hooey)

We need to bring back Columbus Day, and also do an Indigenous People's Day.

More more more.


Dr Demento Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!