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Are you kidding me? Is Rick Perry trying to sound like an idiot, or does it just come natural?

Happy Thanksgiving, and Don't Forget to Vote!

New Hampshire is contemplating a mid-December date for their primary. That seems a little excessive, but they have a state law that requiers their vote to be at least one week prior to any similar contest.

Howard's to Alhambra?

I can't tell by this short blurb if the Howard's coming to Alhambra is in addition to or as a substitute for their current store, on Valley (1/2 block east of Del Mar) in San Gabriel. Given how close these locations are to each other, I suspect this means Howard's is closing their San Gabriel store.


In addition to the killer mosquitoes I mentioned in my last post, there are also very large cats -- Mountain lions -- roaming the streets of Sierra Madre.

Free Breakfast, though no where close

Saw on the L.A. Times website that Chick-fil-a is offering a free breakfast this week. Read the article, then probably find their website and read up on where they might be. I don't know of any immediately adjacent to Rosemead.

"Greening" San Gabriel Blvd

The SGV Journal reports that a "greening" project along San Gabriel Blvd north of Grand Ave is now underway.

SGV Journal Story on Savannah Cemetery

The SGV Journal reports that Savannah Cemetery is getting closer on winning state historical site status.

Fatal Stabbing in San Gabriel

No details reported, other than the stabbing of two women, one fatally, in unincorporated San Gabriel (just north of Rosemead) early this morning.