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What is it with Republicans. . .

. . . that are too lazy to vote? First e-Meg, who hadn't voted in 28 years.

More Money Down the Money Pit

Trader Joe's

Is, of course, NOT coming to Rosemead. But they did get a cover story in Fortune Magazine. Read it here.


Chuck Lyons' vanity track is going to cost this year's Rosemead High School football team an entire year on the road. It'll also cost them ticket and concessions revenue. But they'll still come out ahead, because of the $800,000 the city of Rosemead is paying for their new track.

Another Brave Nothing

On a related note, I knew that all the Bell controversy would lead at least one stupid person to stand up and say how good it was that Rosemead didn't become a charter city (as though every charter city has Bell's problems). Last night's meeting did not disappoint in that respect, although it was a pretty tremendous waste of time.

Worst Huell Howser Interview Ever!

I love watching Huell Howser, which makes watching his visit to the Bagdad Cafe, near Newberry Springs, CA, so painful to watch:

South El Monte Homicide(s)

At least the fifth homicide of the year within a one-mile radius of Tyler and Santa Anita, reports the Los Angeles Times.