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Man Arrested With 18 Tiny Monkeys Stuffed in Pants

It was such a funny headline, I couldn't resist. Sadly, two of the monkeys were already dead.

Referendum in Azusa?

It'll be interesting to see if opponents of the Vulcan Mining expansion in Azusa succeed in getting a referendum on the proposed changes. Our experience in Rosemead suggests the big company's supporters on the council will find a way to keep the issue off the ballot.

The REAL face of courage

Polluted Beaches

The SGV Tribune seems to be opposed to cleaning up our beaches. That's somewhat typical of their provincial approach to policy.

Perhaps reading this story from a few years ago will remind them why cleaning up our storm water runoff matters.

Happy Third of July!

So I guess this means Rosemead is finally ahead of most other SGV cities on something--we launched our fireworks a day early.

Rosemead Park was emptier than most recent Independence Day celebrations. On the other hand, since Independece Day isn't until tomorrow, that meant driving home tonight was actually kind of pleasant--no need to dodge exploding fireworks on the ground!

This story would have been funnier if Mike Lewis' car was in it

Target used a helicopter to place a/c units on the roof of the store they're building in Azusa. The pictures accompanying the story reminded me of an event in Rosemead, a few years ago.

Better Places to Shop Than Big Blue

Consumer Reports says what most of us already know: There are better places to shop than Wal-Mart.
Photo credit: http://www.pollsb.com/photos/o/36560-walmart.jpg