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Suck it up, Azusa

Fish Canyon Mining

It never ceases to amaze me when people are shocked, SHOCKED to realize that their actions have consequences. So it goes in Azusa, where political and Business Leaders Condemn Duarte Officials Threat of Boycott.

Vulcan Comment Period Extended

Today's SGV Tribune reports that the comment period for the Vulcan mining proposal in Azusa has been extended to Feb. 20.

See the story below for additional information and links about this proposal.

Vulcan Mining in Azusa

Fish Canyon Falls

This is one of those stories that doesn't directly affect Rosemead or the cities immediately around us, but it does indirectly affect all of us.

San Gabriel Mountains Backrange, January 24, 2010

Nice view of the backrange of the San Gabriel Mountains, taken earlier today from near the 4,000 foot level, Old Mount Wilson Toll Road.

The Highlight of His Career

Sadly, while his tenure kicked off with a bang, this'll be the highlight of Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show hosting career.

Rosemead tree attacks car

Storm coverage has been all over the media today: rain, hail, tornados.

In Rosemead, we just had a tree attack a car.

Rosemead Poultry Story on KABC

On the 5:00 broadcast.

Some new information: I guess no one from the city bothered to tell the poultry business the city was going to shut them down. Also, Steven Ly doesn't seem to see the contradiction between being in favor of property rights and voting to effectively seize a business with no compensation.

Follow-up Stories on Death of Bobby Salcedo

In the LA Times and SGV Tribune, as well as CNN.

El Monte and South El Monte definitely loss a future leader.