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The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - Spach Kazoostra

This one was popular on the Dr. Demento show on KMET.  The host is Mike Douglas.

The Sugarplastic - Montebello

The Sugarplastic, old underground pop band from the 90s had a song called "Montebello".


New Theme is Up

The site's been upgraded/sidegraded from the late CivicSpace to Drupal 6.  A new theme has been implemented.  Hopefully, not too fancy, even with the Web 2.0 Clichés features enabled.  Can't have too many gradients, big fonts, and rounded corners!

The theme is almost done

It took more work than expected, but the new theme is up. It's "almost" done. The articles don't look right.

It looks a lot like the current site, except it's based on a totally different layout.

It's very plain looking, which is what Todd likes about the site. I like it too. The original theme was kind of glitzy, but this modification removes a lot of that flash.

One feature that's in the works is a better rich text editor.

Drupal upgrade blogging

I'll start blogging about this Drupal upgrade so I feel "watched" and actually get it done.

I ended up staying up wayyyy too late drawing the theme and messing with Drupal. To top it off, my knee is killing me with gout, and the elections wore me out mentally. But I feel positive. (Except for this creeping paranoia... but that's probably the arthritis doing my thinking for me.)

It'll be good to get some theme-ing experience. Though I don't want to specialize in Drupal work, I have enough experience that it's a legitimate bullet point on the resume. Drupal's code architecture isn't the greatest... but, most PHP frameworks suck in their own ways, so, "whatever."

Remember KMAX?

For some reason, KMAX popped into my mind. They used to be called Y-107 in the mid-90s, and were competition for KROQ. Before that, however, they had some Asian language shows on, making for probably the only Japanese show on LA radio at the time... and also during that time, toward the end, they had some amazing "dance music" DJ shows on at night that ranged from house and disco to gabber and jungle. I don't think this lasted more than a year, but, it was a really unusual format that hasn't really been replicated, ever, not even on the internet. This short period has even been forgotten in the few traces of history of radio on the internet:

Website Upgrade

The website will be getting a significant software upgrade in the near future. The interface will change. The look will probably change as well. So, you may experience some extended "downtime" for several hours while this happens.

BMX track idea

I know there's an idea of trails along the powerlines. How about a BMX track? It is a cheap way to have fun.