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Sempra Energy Lobbyists: A Good Argument for Municipal Utilities

The Duvall sex scandal isn't the first time an energy company has been caught using lobbyists as whores. A few years back, oil industry lobbyists were busted for similar things: drugs and sex. There's always lobbyists hiring whores, too (if the lobbyist is male).

There's Almost No Such Thing as Private Insurance for these Tea Baggers

I went to the Alhambra town hall, and there were hundreds of these 'tea bag' protesters. A lot of them were afraid of "socialism" or a "government takeover."

It seemed to me like a lot of them had Medicare, which is obviously socialist. Even though it's been gutted so you have to consider buying supplemental private insurance to cover the gap, it's a big government program.

Panda Express Being Protested

I just got this press release in an email. Posted here as a heads-up:


[Read more to see the whole story.]

SGV Journal Site

SGV Journal, a local print paper, has put up their website. Check it out. I think it's run by David Barron, who ran for City Council in Monterey Park.

I'll front-page this at a later date, after the N Korea hostage story is old.

Hilda Solis' confirmation as labor secretary is being stalled

It looks like the Republicans are listening to their big business masters, and doing their darndest to stall the confirmation of Hilda Solis.

They're really fighting dirty, trying to throw every small thing in her way. They didn't pull any of this crap when Larry Summers was picked because he's pro-business.

Site Was Hacked

The site's back.

One of the other sites on this server was attacked. The likely source was related to companies that do "spam" marketing and search engine placement, and have been trying to get upload rights to different sites on the server, to insert their codes and links onto these sites.

Bronzeville LA Website

A website about the Bronzeville era of Little Tokyo.

During WW2 Little Tokyo was converted into an African American neighborhood of entry for people coming from the South to work in the LA shipyards.